Saturday, 15 March 2008

Reader Writes Us A Giftopolous Testimonial

A hardware store owner from Oahu emailed me this earlier today... seems like Giftdouche is really an ambulance chaser who will take anything on:

a friend hotmailed me your web site blog and i have an attorney Giftopolous story.

i run a small hardware store in Oahu and he sued me in 2005 on behalf of a client. the suit claimed that i had caused the plaintiff undue pain due to a wallpapering mishap. they claimed that we gave the person poor advice and they spent 3 days applying the wallpaper and then 3 weeks removing it. the tried to sue us for the cost of the materials and $5o0 in lost wages.

the judge threw it out as frivolous.

keep it up, we all here in Hawaii love your blog web site.

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